Having the chance to battle trainers and Gym Leaders again is also a welcome feature so that you get more experience and money in the long run. When it comes to the gameplay, you get to choose from five different starters.

Players can pit their skills against the region’s awesome Gym Leaders, Elite Four, and the Champion. You can capture and train Pokémon from the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh Regions.

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There is also a Pikachu that is stalking you for revenge, but you can deal with that in the game. Considering that Blazed Glazed is an improvement or an update, the main features of Glazed is are there. These include choosing 5 Starters, different Regions to explore, as well as Dream World Pokémon. To complete the story and progress through the areas appropriately, this hack makes you go on the form of a treasure hunt. It makes you see every nook and cranny of their upgraded Hoenn.

Pokemon Emerald

The game prides itself on having Pokémon from Generation I to VI, but not all of them. However, all the Legendary Pokémon from all those Generations are available in the game. You just need to trek through the different regions and areas https://romsdownload.net/roms/sega-genesis/sonic-the-hedgehog-jue-396232 to find and catch them.

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You can explore three Regions, such as Tunod, Johto, and Rankor. You also get to have Dream World Pokémon and a plethora of Legendaries to catch in the game.

There are more mountains, forests, caves, and a bunch more Pokémon in the game. There are 368 Pokémon to catch, each with animated sprites, new moves, new items, and a brand-new story. This one is a hack of Pokémon Ruby with edited graphics. In Light Platinum, you get to explore the Zhery Region while meeting and battling new rivals.

So, you may have noticed we already listed the game Pokémon Blazed Glazed. This next one, Pokémon Glazed, is the base of that game. While Blazed Glazed is somewhat of an improvement of this one, it is undeniable that Pokémon Glazed is still a fantastic ROM game.

There are several Generation IV, V, VI, and VII Pokémon included in the game. It also boasts of having all the Mega Evolutions available in the game.

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