Design multiple forms for the same list or library and forward users to a certain form based on group’s membership or custom logic. Add dozens of fields to the form, split them between tabs or in a wizard, adjust custom logic and validation with JavaScript. Whatever your needs might be, our forms have you covered. PayPal, Stripe Braintree and capability makes it easy and safe for your users to pay.

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I thought I let you know about another solution which works great for older website which have their own web forms integrated. Those website often send out the form data as an e-mail and the recipient needs to transfer this info manually into his/her CRM. I work for a wealth management firm, and I have built and administer our SF org. I am looking into potentially utilizing forms as we have multiple use cases. I was wondering if I could speak with you sometime regarding your thoughts on the proper form tool to utilize based on our needs and goals?

It has unlimited free forms, logic threading, is great on mobile platforms, and integrates well with the rest of Google’s services. It’s also a powerful and flexible tool, which can allow you to creative things with Google Forms like tracking key areas of your life or creating a self-grading quiz.

What Are Survey Tools?

Track payment details with follow-up emails and forward users to a custom page after payment. Automatic totalling, order review pages and security options are just some of the tailored features available for your order forms. You can use your data by linking up your forms with a spectrum of third party providers – from MailChimp to Dropbox.

"Zoho Forms made our everyday tasks smoother with its easy-to-use UI and brilliant form customization options. It’s fun to work with and has become an integral part of our business." Embed forms on web pages and engage with your website visitors. Share links on social media or to a target audience via email campaigns.

Let your forms reach a wider audience or keep them private within a closed organization. Collect all your site visitor’s information with Wix Forms. Choose a template like contact, payment, or job application. Every form is fully customizable and it’s seamlessly integrated with your contacts in the site dashboard. Add forms so visitors can answer your questions, get in touch and make purchases right from your site.

One nice feature they have is the ability to share forms between accounts – useful if an org needs to manage forms by sharing/editing them between users. We have used Adobe COLD forms and Wufoo…and for about 80% of client needs Wufoo works just great…and the 3 users for $30/month covers a lot of ground. If you’re just looking to collect newsletter registration or simple inquiries Web to Lead forms might work for you. On the other hand download , if you’re looking for updating multiple objects in Salesforce and searching for duplicates Salesforce Sites or third party applications are more likely to have the features you need. Powerful forms (Sites are much more than just forms!) that can include any business logic and de-duplication processes.

There are number of ways to integrate your online website forms with Salesforce. We did the leg work for you and below you can find some integrations that have worked for our clients and might work for you as well. Even though a customer feedback form is not an article or a blog post, pictures serve both as a reference and entertainment for people who fill out your questionnaire. AidaForm has smart design themes that adjust themselves to your form content so experiment with colors at your leisure.

To stay compatible with a number of content management systems, platforms and software, we offer a number of ways to embed your form. You can also add security certificates to your form (even if you don’t have them across your whole site) to protect sensitive submitted data. No matter how you embed your form, your URL stays the same. With powerful forms and real people behind our support, we help you conduct business processes all the way through while truly complying with evolving regulatory policies like PCI, GDPR, and HIPAA. Easy to make my own custom forms and it is ideal for what I want.