• Emergency Advice

  • If you think you have a plumbing emergency, consider the following tips and advice

    Blocked Drains

    Signs of a blocked drain include- foul odours inside or outside, toilet making gurgling sounds and bubbling during a flush, toilet water surcharging up and down during a flush, any unusual water or paper overflowing outside.

    Tips- Look for overflowing water coming out of the gully, usually located outside your kitchen or laundry. Another option is to remove the inspection cap on your sewer maintenance shaft, and look for signs of a blockage. This is usually located along the property boundary at the front or back. These are a definitive sign of a sewer problem.

    If you suspect there is a problem, by acting quickly you improve the chances of an easier, cheaper fix.

  • Gas Leaks

    If you suspect you have a gas leak, the first thing to do is remove all sources of ignition from the area. You can turn off the gas using the ball valve located at either the appliance (usually under the cupboard for cooktops), or at the gas meter for your property. These valves are usually identified by their yellow handles. 

  • Burst Water Pipes

    Signs of a burst or leaking water pipe- Water stains on ceilings, walls or the ground, water in unusual locations, higher then normal water bills. 

    If you have a burst or leaking water pipe, you need to turn off the water supply, to prevent any possible water damage to your house. You can do this at the water meter, which is usually located at the front of the property along the boundary. To shut down the main water feed, turn the isolation valve in a clockwise direction. 

  • Hot Water

    If your hot water unit is leaking, isolate the water supply to the heater by using the cold water supply valve (pictured below). This is usually located towards the bottom of the cylinder, or in the case of an instantaneous unit directly under the heater.
    If you own a gas hot water system, you can turn off the gas supply to the heater by turning the ball valve a half turn.(gas valves usually identified by a yellow handle)
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