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In operation that takes electronic payments (mostly via swipe devices) happens to be imperative in our contemporary world. Then guess what – Clix Capital has got the perfect solution for you in the form of loan against electronic payments or loans against POS (Point of Sale) machines payments if you feel that this might affect your finances.

Now, with this specific solution, you’ll instantly avail loans up against the card swipe device re re re payments at your shop. This can allow you to achieve the funds you require and develop every swipe to your business! We offer many advantageous assets to make sure that your business is not impeded while growing.

Now say no to EMIs that is bulky as you will pay your EMI every time, with your daily product product sales recorded via your swipe device.

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A Bevy is had by us Of LAEP Offerings!

Although we provide loan against electronic repayments for all SMEs, our company is providing special deals for the next:

Bars & Restaurants

Remain centered on supplying your web visitors with excellent services – handling funds for your needs is likely to be our duty!


Styles and designs come in fashion – fretting about your money is not.

Petrol Pumps

With commuters wanting quick refueling, electronic card re re re payments have grown to be typical – and thus have LAEPs!


Electronic re re payments will be the thing that is last should think of while supplying medical solutions.

Here’s What Clix Is Offering with Merchant Cash Advance Payday Loans!

Collateral-Free Loan/ loan that is/Risk-Free

  • Danger may be the final thing you have to be worried about while attaining that loan against electronic re payments. There’s no security needed with this LEAP loan.

Loan Against POS Payments

  • You can easily pay your EMIs daily, with every swipe. Thus, you don’t need certainly to worry for the thirty days end to cover your installments.

Customized Repayment

  • By having a payment duration including 6 to eighteen months, it is simple to concentrate on funding your company’ LAEP.

Versatile Vendor Lending

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