By embedding a post, sharing across platforms, sending a Direct Message, or by using a third-party app, you can repost your favorite Instagram videos very easily. The easiest way to repost Instagram posts with captions that you have permission to share is to use a third-party app. The most popular of these is Repost for Instagram, allowing you to repost with just a few taps. Probably the simplest way to repost photos and videos on Instagram is to take a screenshot or make a screen recording of the post you want to share. We already talked about taking a screen recording using the feature in your iPhone’s settings. If finding and reposting awesome content created by others is more your speed, read on.

PhotoRepost App access directly to Instagram and let you select the saved video from your camera roll. Instagram allows you to repost only posts you’ve been tagged in. So, you can only save and repost stories you’ve been tagged in.

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The person who created the post content owns the copyright and therefore owns the right to any revenue or benefits afforded by that content. As a brand or business, this can be used against you legally if you don’t have the waiver of copyright protection from the original post creator. Instagram has, however, updated their TOS to state that you’re responsible for any content you post on Instagram.

  • You can also encourage user-generated content creation by holding a live event and encouraging followers to post.
  • We’ve tried out many third-party apps that allow reposting on Instagram.
  • Links get shortened automatically with the bitly integration, and you also have the option to add UTM parameters.
  • In it, you need to move the slider to the ON position, and then immediately after placing the announcement on IGTV, the minute announcement will appear in the feed.
  • After you sign up with your Instagram account, you are greeted with posts from your feed which sometimes takes time to refresh in the app.
  • free analytics tools, you won’t have access to them unless you have a Business account.

You can choose photos with specific hashtags so that you’re always targeting a specific audience. After that, you can press ‘auto-like’ and as long as the Gramblr client is open, your profile will automatically like new posts. This is due Reposter for Instagram to some restrictions Instagram has made to stop users from automating posts with third party tools.

Repost Video & Photo For Instagram

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— Make sure that the reposting account is showing a Valid status in Social Profiles and the proxy attached to the account has a fast and stable connection at all times. — If you want to have more control over what will be reposted on your account, send your repost to a campaign rather than reposting directly from the tool. Repost Stories of Specific Users– use this option to repost stories of specific users, make sure to click ‘ADD USERNAMES’ button to add the usernames in the index. Repost specific posts based on post URL– if there is a specific post that you want to repost, you can add the post URL. This source will ignore the filters you’ve set in the Settings tab.