I was really fatigued and my chest felt constricted. This photo is from a few days ago as we can’t leave the cabin right now. He simmered lamb chops all day in some tomato sauce with olives and served it over spaghetti for dinner. I’m glad that my sense of taste was improving because it tasted really good. We felt well enough to spend some time working on our blogs today. While we were working, I caught a glimpse of movement out of the window.

Many of the users on the Org-mode mailing list are using either a recent release of Org-mode or thedevelopment version of org-mode from the git repository. Note the version of the new installation using M-x org-version. If the new and old versions are different, the installation is done and you are all set to enjoy the updated Org-mode. When prompted for Package file name, point it to .tar file downloaded in step 2. which will consolidate loose git objects into pack files.

Suddenly Became A Princess One Day

Penzu PRO is for $19.99 per year through which you can customize your diary, search your journals quickly and easily and secure your diary with military-grade 256-bit AES encryption. Other than that, it can also be used as the best food journal app, as a travel journal, pregnancy journal, dream journal, or any other journal. You can add visit this webpage everything to these journals from food intakes to travel memories and documents, from your pregnancy journey to your dreams, literally everything. You can export your journal contents to PDF and text with the feature of adding your actions and choosing from over 25 moods. Not only you can store your data with local storage of your device but also with the Google Drive backup option which makes this app super protected and secure.

I wish I had a photo of the inside pages because I loved how the book is crafted. First each page is full of bright colorful pictures. Since this is a diary (remember it’s the Unicorn Diaries), it makes sense stylistically that the words are on lined pages, but it also makes it easier to read. There are also times when the unicorn speak with speech bubbles, and the text falls right in line so it’s easy to tell what to read next.

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Cook any dish you want and get all the ingredients for dishes. Make ultra-stylish looks of dishes and decorate them to look tasty and delicious. 🖼️ Photograph journal – Maintain your photograph recollections by including pictures to your diary entries. These may be journey pictures, group pictures with your folks or any personal pictures that you simply wish to hold safe underneath PIN code.

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  • Get ready for your own, real-life Wicked Epic Adventures inspired by Will Henry’s series Wallace the Brave!
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Not sure how high your kid’s future dental bills will be though. My kids will go crazy over pretty much anything in this squishable form. The longer it takes to pop back to its original shape the better. They love popcorn squishies and pork bun squishies and coffee cup squishies, so I can’t even imagine their reaction to a unicorn squishie. Fingerlings were one of the hottest items on my Holiday Gift Guide last year, so OF COURSE, they have now jumped onto the unicorn train too. If your kid likes Finglerings and unicorns— voilà, a unicorn Finglerling.

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