Doujin is so popular in Japan and almost unknown in Europe and in many other countries. Why so? Does this movement deserve our attention and if yes, why? Let us check what it is and why for some people, it might be a way to express themselves safely.


Doujin and Its Origins

Doujin is referred to as art collections of anime, games, and similar. Those are usually self-published works. In some cases, one can find really good works there. 

While in most cases, topics for such stories are borrowed, for example, one group draws stories about Batman, another might create stories about another character, but also there are great absolutely original works. Usually, a limited number of copies is published. That`s why the best stories can be considered as a valuable asset. 


Stigmatized Topics as a Way to Self-Expression

Doujin groups were created for people to express their interests. Thus, with time, it was unavoidable that with time, groups with very specific topics were developed. For example, a common topic of Doujin 18+ art is sexual life. 

Such sub-directions as:

  • Doujin Sak;
  • Doujin Gay;
  • Doujin Yaoi

Were developed. They adopted different stories for their drawings: gay and lesbian sex or even stories that look like porn stories. However, Doujin Th is something different than just some adult content. This is the first impression one gets when one opens the website to view source. However, there is a huge difference between just a website with adult content and a doujin website.

While the first is highly commercialized and created to make money, the second one is a way of self-expression even though they both might look pretty alike. 

In the second case, it is a way to express those feelings that cannot be expressed openly. If you remember that initially, doujin groups were groups where people were combined who were sharing the same interests, you will get the idea. Doujin Thai is not about earning money but about something different.

Some topics are so rarely spoken about, they are so much avoided that even talking about them with a psychiatrist is perceived as something not completely normal. Yes, our society is becoming more loyal to people with non-traditional sexual orientation, but still, this theme is closed and even prohibited in many places. 


And what about other wishes and desires that are hidden so deep that they destroy somebody`s personality, and the person might even not understand it. In Dojin, one can bring some light to the darkest soul places and expose those hidden wishes and desires. This is a common practice used by psychologists now: draw what bothers you, visualize it, and everything will become easier. Doujin artists have created this therapy much earlier.

Do you want to create your own doujin story? Try it, just let your imagination float without controlling it, and see where it will lead you. It can be that after doing so, you will feel immense relief. Publish your story online and see whether it can help other people. 

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