• Blocked Drains

  • Blocked Drains are a common problem, and if left will only get worse. Signs of a blocked drain include- foul odours, bubbles and gurgles coming from the drain, toilet water rising up during a flush, sinks and basins not draining properly and any overflow of sewer or stormwater outside.

    Some common causes of Blocked Drains include the following:

    Tree Roots: Tree roots are drawn to the water inside of sewer and stormwater pipes, and will force their way inside, and continue to grow until the pipe becomes partially blocked. Without immediate action taken to rectify this problem, it will lead to a complete blockage and potentially harder problem to fix. 

    Leaves & Silt: Leaves and Silt are a common cause for stormwater blockages, Silt and leaves can run off into surface drains and guttering, building up inside the pipe, eventually causing the blockage.

    Grease & Fats: Grease and Fats are one of the most common causes of blocked sewer drains. When washed down the sink, fatty substances stick to the inside of sewer pipes, building up until the drain eventually becomes blocked.

    Foreign Objects: Many everyday items can cause blockages including hair, soap, foods, sanitary items and excessive use of toilet paper can also create unwanted problems.

    Another cause of blockages are broken & collapsed sections of pipe, a problem usually identified using a cctv sewer inspection camera.

    SPD PLUMBING can provide a free assessment on any blocked drain situation, and find a cost effective solution to your problem. For any further questions call 0421942096.